MINDRITE PDX Print Advertisement Designs
Print ad designs for Oregon based cannabis dispensary MIDRITE PDX for 2017. For their print campaigns, we collaborated with the owners and established monthly themes celebrating cannabis and holidays.
8x11 ad prints. Printed in Dope Magazine & Willamette Weekly.
Left side - January 2017 "Elevate Your New Year"
Right side - February 2017 "Valentines Day"
Left side - March 2017 "Luckier Than Clovers, Better Than Beer"
Right side - April 2017 "420 Time To Get Your Mind Rite"
Left side - May 2017 "Cino Dank Mayo"
Right side - June 2017 "Summer Solstice"
Left side - July 2017 "4th of July"
Right side - August 2017 "Enjoy the Eclipse August 21 2017"
Left side - September 2017 "Portland Pedicab - Let's Ride"
Right side - October 2017 "Happy Croptober"
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